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Members of the Sacramento Chapter
that we have lost.
In Memoriam
William Edward Cox
1937 — 2016
In Memoriam
Douglas Eugene Cross
1930 — 2018
In Memoriam
William French Emmons
1923 — 2012
In Memoriam
Vincent Abbott Gantt
1941 — 2015
In Memoriam
Harry Hugh Harland
1934 — 2012
In Memoriam
Clark Forrest Hewitt
1950 — 2010
In Memoriam
Charles Haden Highbaugh
1941 — 2013
In Memoriam
Peter Lavern Lavy
1940 — 2016
In Memoriam
William Harold Lawson
1925 — 2013
In Memoriam
Arnold Raymond Lewis
1920 — 2012
In Memoriam
John Lloyd Mahony, Jr.
1927 — 2010
In Memoriam
Archie L. McPherran
1920 — 2014
In Memoriam
William Howard Penrose
1923 — 2011
In Memoriam
Eltweed George Pomeroy
1922 — 2012
In Memoriam
Norwood Franklin Robertshaw
1934 — 2011
In Memoriam
Clifford Parker "Cliff" Robertson III
1923 — 2011
In Memoriam
Theodore Montgomery Robinson
1919 — 2015
In Memoriam
Clyde William Rust
1932 — 2017
In Memoriam
Jack Holt Sloan
1926 — 2012
In Memoriam
Edwin Elmer Smith
1920 — 2012
In Memoriam
Dennis Robert Sperry
1944 — 2018
In Memoriam
Bill James Spradling
1926 — 2007
In Memoriam
Christopher James Stephenson
1995 — 2015
In Memoriam
John Thomas Vawter
1927 — 2017
In Memoriam
Richard E. Violett
1925 — 2013

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